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Motorola/Symbol CS1504

  • Real-time clock
  • Non-volatile memory
  • RS-232 and USB connectivity
  • Fits onto a key chain, easily carried in pocket or purse
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Availability 3-5 days

    Jivili Price from
    £73.74 ex vat

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    Supported Barcodes

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    Laser Scanner Products at Jivili

    Anyone can use this pocket-sized scanner to read bar codes found on merchandise or in catalogues from virtually anywhere. Small and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or purse, customers can use this scanner at home, in the store, or on-the-go. It makes routine tasks, such as reordering groceries or office supplies, quicker and easier than ever before. It's ideal for list-making and gift-registry applications and can be a great incentive for your preferred customers.

    Product Options
    P/N: CS1504-I100-B
    CS1504 (Scanner Only)
    £73.74 ex vat
    P/N: CS1504-I100-01
    RS232 Kit (c/w CS1504 Scanner, Direct Connect 9 Pin Female Serial upload cable)
    £79.05 ex vat
    P/N: CS1504-I100-0002
    USB Kit (c/w CS1504 Scanner, USB upload cable)
    £83.40 ex vat

    Product Accessories
    P/N: 25-44301-01
    Serial Upload Cable
    £7.99 ex vat

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