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Mobile Computers

Intermec CN30

  • WinMob 5.0
  • Standard wireless communication and security protocols
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Convertible between pen notepad-style and key-based mobile computing
  • Exceptional display and user experience
  • Availability 3-5 days

    Jivili Price from
    £1,665.00 ex vat

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    The CN30 establishes a new standard for retail enterprise mobile computing that maximizes flexibility, optimizes ROI and results in lower investment and support costs. Based on a modular concept that allows the user to change configurations according to user preference or application requirements, the CN30 features the most forward-looking industry standards and component selection that leads to the highest possible application versatility.

    Product Options
    P/N: CN30A11E10004803
    CN30 Base unit, 64/64MB, Linear imager (EV15), WM 2005, BT, 802.11b/g
    £1,665.00 ex vat
    P/N: CN30A11E11004803
    CN30 Base unit, 64/64MB, Wavelink 4+1 emulation, Linear imager (EV15), WM 2005, BT, 802.11g
    £1,780.00 ex vat

    Product Accessories
    P/N: 871-024-001
    CN30 Quad Charger (Charges any combination of four CN30 battery packs and keypad modules)
    £240.00 ex vat
    P/N: 871-023-001
    Single Dock with spare battery slot for battery pack or keyboard module. Serial and USB interface. Requires (851-082-001)PSU and UK AC power cord)
    £215.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60028
    Keyboard module 56-key module, VT/ANSI, full alphanumeric.(c/w Integrated 4800 mAh battery pack)
    £135.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60060
    Keyboard module 56-key module, IBM 3270/5250, full alphanumeric(c/w Integrated 4800 mAh battery pack)
    £135.00 ex vat
    P/N: 346-065-005
    Screen Protector Kit -Contains 25 screen protectors for CN2. (Requires p/n 346-065-101 - Screen Cleaner Kit)
    £110.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60151
    Keyboard module 10-key module, numeric keypad (c/w Integrated 4800 mAh battery pack.)
    £100.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60021
    Scan Handle CN30 (Pistol grip handle. Fits all CN30/keypad module configurations)
    £75.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60029
    Keyboard module 14-key module, navigation control.(c/w integrated non-removable 2400 mAh battery pack)
    £65.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60007
    CN30 Battery Pack - (4800 mAh pack for 56-key full alphanumeric keypad modules)
    £65.00 ex vat
    P/N: 851-082-001
    Universal PSU 12VDC 4.15A, - For CN30 communications dock and 4-slot charger.( Requires UK AC Power Cord.)
    £65.00 ex vat
    P/N: 321-563-001
    Null Modem cable, DB-9F to DB-9F with T screws (Use with (871-023-001) CN30 Single Dock for ActiveSynch connection to PC)
    £40.00 ex vat
    P/N: 321-576-002
    USB Cable, USB-A to USB-B, 2 metre (Use with (871-023-001) CN30 Single Dock for ActiveSynch connection to PC)
    £30.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60043
    CN30 Belt Clip Kit (1 kit contains : Button that attaches to CN30 console and swivelling belt clip. Fits all CN30 configurations)
    £15.00 ex vat
    P/N: 346-065-101
    Screen Cleaner Kit 4 Fl Oz. Poraclean (Contains cleaning fluid and high-performance cleaning cloth)
    £15.00 ex vat
    P/N: VE00009-60025
    CN30 Handstrap (Adjustable. Optimized for 14-key configuration. Can be used with 56-key configurations)
    £10.00 ex vat

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