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Mobile Computers

Motorola/Symbol PPT8800

  • Choice of WinCE or WinMob2003
  • Laser Scanner
  • Batch,802.11b & Bluetooth Options
  • Rugged Design IP54
  • 2 Keyboard Options
  • Availability 3-5 days

    Jivili Price from
    £749.99 ex vat

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    Designed for mobile workers and managers within the enterprise who require a rugged, high-performance, handheld computer far more durable and reliable than typical consumer devices, the PPT 8800 is powerful enough to execute mission-critical Applications, yet small and light enough to be carried in a pocket or on the hip.The enterprise-friendly PPT 8800 comes packed with features that make it easy for global organizations to manage broad systems deployments.

    JiviliMCL Compatible

    Product Options
    P/N: PPT8800-T2BY0D00
    PPT8800 1D Scanner, WinCE 4.1, Batch, 6 Key
    £749.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8800-T2BY1D00
    PPT8800 1D Scanner, WinCE 4.1, Batch, 15 Key
    £749.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8846-T2BY0DWW
    PPT8846 1D Scanner, WinCE 4.1, 802.11b, 6 Key
    £899.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8846-T2BY1DWW
    PPT8846 1D Scanner, WinCE 4.1, 802.11b, 15 Key
    £899.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8860-T2BY0D00
    PPT8860 1D Scanner, WinCE 4.1, Bluetooth, 6 Key
    £899.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8860-T2BY1D00
    PPT8860 1D Scanner, WinCE 4.1, Bluetooth, 15 Key
    £899.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8800-R3BZ0000
    PPT8800 1D Scanner,WinMob 2003,Batch, 6 Key
    £899.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8800-R3BZ1000
    PPT8800 1D Scanner,WinMob 2003,Batch, 15 Key
    £899.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8846-R3BZ00WW
    PPT8846 1D Scanner,WinMob 2003,802.11b, 6 Key
    £1,049.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8846-R3BZ10WW
    PPT8846 1D Scanner,WinMob 2003,802.11b, 15 Key
    £1,049.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8860-R3BZ0000
    PPT8860 1D Scanner,Win Mob 2003,Bluetooth, 6 Key
    £1,049.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8860-R3BZ1000
    PPT8860 1D Scanner,Win Mob 2003,Bluetooth, 15 Key
    £1,049.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8866-R3BZ00WW
    PPT8866 1D Scanner,Win Mob 2003,Bluetooth,802.11b 6 Key
    £1,249.99 ex vat
    P/N: PPT8866-R3BZ10WW
    PPT8866 1D Scanner,Win Mob 2003,Bluetooth,802.11b 15 Key
    £1,249.99 ex vat

    Product Accessories
    P/N: CRD8800-401E
    4 Slot Ethernet Charging Cradle (c/w PSU)
    £389.50 ex vat
    P/N: CRD8800-401S
    4 Slot Serial Cradle (c/w PSU & Cable)
    £331.80 ex vat
    P/N: VCD8800-R000
    PPT 8800 Vehicle Cradle - Supports terminal or spare battery charging with either 1700mAh or 3400mAh battery
    £205.99 ex vat
    P/N: TRG8800-00
    Snap On Trigger Handle - Only for use with the 1700 mAh battery & WM2003 version of the terminal
    £141.99 ex vat
    P/N: CRD8800B-101S
    Single Slot Serial Cradle (Supports standard (1700 mAh) or High Cap (3400 mAh) batteries )
    £138.49 ex vat
    P/N: MSR8800-00
    Mag Stripe Reader Snap-On attachment.(requires CBL2700-101U if need to charge or comm with PC whilst MSR attachment on)
    £114.83 ex vat
    P/N: CRD8800-101S
    Single Slot Serial Cradle Kit (for use with standard 1700mAh battery only)
    £98.10 ex vat
    P/N: KT-61579-01
    3400 mAh High Capacity Battery Kit (inc. battery & battery door)
    £94.99 ex vat
    P/N: CBL2700-101U
    Serial Charging Cable (c/w PSU)
    £54.82 ex vat
    P/N: UCC8800-00
    Universal Cable Cup ( Used to attach Serial Printer cables to Terminal )
    £43.28 ex vat
    P/N: 21-58236-01
    1700mAh Spare Battery
    £42.99 ex vat
    P/N: 50-14000-107
    PSU (9V/ 2A) for Single slot cradle or Serial charging cable
    £28.85 ex vat
    P/N: FRK-AK50N15UK
    UK AC Line Cord
    £2.99 ex vat

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