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Wireless Networks

Motorola/Symbol AP300

  • 802.11a/b/g compatibility
  • Allows authentication to a RADIUS server
  • 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Load Balancing and Pre-emptive Roaming
  • Availability 3-5 days

    Jivili Price from
    £149.00 ex vat

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    Symbolís AP300 delivers rich 802.11a/b/g connectivity, working in conjunction Symbolís wireless switches as the point of connection between your mobile devices and your wireless LAN. This thin next-generation access point is a low-cost device that is centrally and remotely managed through a Symbol wireless switch. Rapid configuration and the ability to quickly and easily upgrade the devices to support new functionality, features and security protocols substantially reduces the cost of deploying, implementing and managing your wireless LAN, while significantly increasing features, functionality and security of your wireless LAN infrastructure.

    Product Options
    P/N: WSAP-5110-050-WW
    AP 300 - 802.11g Single-Radio Access Port (Integrated Antennas)
    £149.00 ex vat
    P/N: WSAP-5100-050-WW
    AP 300 - 802.11g External Antenna - (Req Antennae)
    £179.99 ex vat
    P/N: WSAP-5110-100-WW
    AP 300 - 802.11a/g (Integrated Internal Antenna)
    £189.00 ex vat
    P/N: WSAP-5100-100-WW
    AP 300 - 802.11a/g External Antenna - (Req Antennae)
    £195.99 ex vat

    Product Accessories
    P/N: ML-2499-11PNA2-01
    High Gain Indoor/Outdoor 120 Degree H-Plane Directional Panel - 802.11b/g (2.4GHz, 11 dBi)
    £205.99 ex vat
    P/N: ML-2499-BYGA2-01
    Heavy-Duty Outdoor 35 Degree High-Gain Directional Yagi - 802.11b/g (2.4GHz, 15 dBi)
    £159.99 ex vat
    P/N: ML-5299-WPNA1-01
    Wall Mounting Panel Antenna with articulating arm - 802.11a (5 GHz,13 dBi)
    £137.99 ex vat
    P/N: 25-72178-01
    High Performance Fixed Point Dipole OD 5 dBi (802.11a) - Pipe Bomb
    £91.99 ex vat
    P/N: ML-5299-APA1-01
    High Performance Fixed Point Dipole OD 5 dBi (802.11b/g) - Pipe Bomb
    £49.79 ex vat
    Power Injector : 1 Port, IEEE 802.3AF. Can be used with all Access Ports
    £38.79 ex vat
    P/N: ML-5299-HPA1-01
    High Performance Fixed Point Dipole OD 5 dBi (802.11a) - Pipe Bomb
    £34.00 ex vat
    P/N: ML-2499-HPA3-01
    High Performance Fixed Point Dipole OD 3.5 dBi (802.11b/g) - Pipe Bomb
    £18.49 ex vat
    P/N: ML-2452-APA2-01
    High Performance Dual band 802.11 a/g Dipole Antenna Rubber Duck
    £12.99 ex vat

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